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Pet Transportation App

New Pet transportation Service Enables Pet Owners to Monitor and Chat with Their Pets When Transporting Them on Airlines. IoT based mobile app which can track Humidity, Temperature, Impact, GPS and also allows video and audio comm​unication with pets

Introduction :

Pet transportation was never been easy for pet owners while they are traveling. There has always been concern on how the pets are going to be taken care by cargo handlers and the behavior of pet in cargo deck of a flight. There was no transparency maintained by any airlines which has pet transportation facility.  


A solution should be connect with the pet owners emotionally which can enhance their confidence to book a flight for their pet. It is this emotional connect we achieved by using IoT. Each and every interaction designed in this application will influence end user emotionally positive to book a flight for their pet.

Features of App:

  • Live Video Feed of Pet

  • Audio Streaming

  • Special food booking

  • Live GPS Tracking

  • Humidity Tracking

  • Pet heartbeat Tracking

  • AR based Kennel size Selection

  • Oxygen Tracking

  • Automatic breed detection using Image Processing

Wireframes :

High Fidelity Mockups :

Alternative Design :

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