Hackathons & Awards


Reality Virtually Hack 2019 - AR/VR Hackathon - Winner

400+ brilliant minds from 35 countries, 50+ judges, 80+ projects, 4 days of robust development and we are here winning the best usage of True AR SDK for automobiles judged by SVPs of Porsche and BMW. Very thanks to WayRay for sponsoring us and mentoring us in Reality Virtual Hack 2019 in Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Below is the link to checkout what we have done


WayRay - True AR Challenge - Second Runner Up

Wayray - The pioneer of Holographic AR Displays has conducted a world wide Design challenge to design a solution for upcoming Navion Device for automobiles where developers from 23+ countries participated.

The final round of hackathon is to be scheduled in Q4 of 2018 where the top 30 finalists will be developing the design proposed for hackathon.


IndiaHacks 2016 - Game development Hackathon - Winner

IndiaHacks 2016, the world largest developer confluence which has attracted more than 50k+ developers all over the world. The hackathon had various domains where developer can participate. Final winner was awarded with free trip to San Fransisco


GameFest 2016 - Educational Design and Development Challenge - Winner

Gamefest 2016 was organized by Gamedoora - A game development platform company located in Mumbai. It was design and development challenge which attracted game developers who can innovate in education domain for easy and effective learning.

The winner of hackathon had an opportunity to showcase their product in international conference named "Casual Connect" which is held in May 2017 at Singapore.


ITC Reimagine Reality - AR/VR Hackathon - Runner up

India's first AR/VR hackathon was organized by ITC Infotech in July 2016 where developers from all over India participated. There are several domains like Retail, Education, Agriculture, Tourism etc for developers to participate.

Honeywell - AR/VR Hackathon - Finalist

Honeywell - The power of connected had organized a AR/VR & IoT hackathon to demonstrate innovative ideas which can lead to a revolutionary industrial product. Talented caps from all over India participated in the hackathon with most innovative and ground breaking ideas. More than a hackathon it is a great learning quest for attenders as well as participants.