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Case Manager App

Case Manager App for Child Support Case Workers

Child support and Welfare is a huge industry in United states as year by year, the problems , child abuse and neglect cases have been increasing at alarming rates and therefore every state in USA have been mandated to develop a SACWIS (Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System) which would put the child in the centre of family, public, and caseworkers who will constantly help for their overall welfare and development.

Unisys Corporation’s success with FACS portal of NSW state in Australia opened new doors for us to explore and our UX team got the opportunity to work with the child welfare and support portals of states of Michigan, Mississippi and Ohio. We envisioned and designed their portals and built apps for mobile and tablet.

Team : UX Designers (3), Business Analyst

Devices: Web, Mobile, Tablet

Duration: 6 Months

User Interviews, Diary Studies and Site Visits :

We interviewed more than 40 caseworkers, Caseworker managers of various demographics for a period of 3 weeks, trying to know about the work they do, the kind of problems they face when they are working on a case and how their typical work day looks like. We tried to automate and make the process easier for them as the tasks were done manually earlier and the system currently present was a pre historic one. It was really a challenge for us to incorporate a strategy which is both simple yet effective as the users we are primarily targeting were typically of ages between 36- 50. They were not that tech savvy.

Few things which we heard often from the caseworkers

  • Most Caseworkers we spoke to discussed the importance of their to do lists to manage their tasks during very busy days and linking these tasks to each Case Plan. 

  • A method to alert a Manager casework and Caseworkers of what needs to be done from their to-do list, even whilst out in the field. This includes threat notifications such as when a POI/ PCH may be coming back into the child’s life (e.g. father coming out of jail, notify caseworker so the child can be protected) 

  • There needs to be a way to allow communications about a case to be automatically attached to a case rather than attaching it via email — which isn’t easily searchable

  • At a glance summary of child history, outstanding activities and status 

  • Live notifications and reminders for important issues and tasks. 

  • I need to be aware of incident reports as they happen and communicate to other relevant people.

Features which will help the case worker

  • Schedule and daily activities

  • Map view to locate the cases

  • Quick contact the manager/child/care giver

  • Check recently worked and the high priority cases which have due dates

  • Check participants and Add participants to the case

  • Quickly add photos and media such as videos/ recordings and attach them to a case

  • Add Checklists to the case

  • Perform safety assessments and fill questionnaires to check if the child needs additional protection

  • Perform assessments to calculate risk associated with the cases

  • Add reminders and alerts

  • View Family Diagram and Genogram to get better view of the family

  • Add Social work contacts and Care givers to the child

  • Features to assign the case to other caseworkers

  • Notify Police,Manager,Healthcare support regarding the child’s current status.

  • many more………

Information Architecture of the App


Wireframes :


Safety Assessments :


Risk Assessment, Social Work Contacts and Caseworker Resources


Caseworker Mobile App — High Fidelity Screens