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BIAL Digital Transformation

BIAL, one of the best airports in India is transforming the way of communicating with passengers by including IRIS scan, Analytics, Passenger foot print analysis etc for hassle free travel. 

BIAL Digital Transformation

Bangalore International Airport Ltd - One of the best Airports in Asia is looking to transform the way of communication with travelers with new digital platform. With a budget over $2M +, their key focus is on enhancing airport Retail sales, Analytics on footcount and travelers behavior in Airport, faster and hassle free check-in process. 


The current airport mobile app does not support all the focus areas they are looking for and it is required to design and with revolutionary ideology to support all above mentioned focus areas. Also lack of user retention for current app is the major problem being faced. And Hence opened RFP and invited all MNCs to startups which has got experience in travel and transportation domain.

Current Mobile App

Limitations with current app :

  • Current app is just an informational app with minimum functionalities

  • No promotional content for retail showrooms

  • No User retention

  • No User engagement

Empathy Map of passenger with respect to travel timeline

Top technology trends adopted by airports and airlines

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Robotics

  • Biometric

  • Blockchain

  • Wearable technology

  • AR/VR/MR

  • IoT

Digital innovation in areas where customer engagement needs to be increased

Utility Services



Recreation &


Nice to have Features

  • Virtual reality tours of airport

  • Timeline Chatbot

  • AR Wayfinding and digital billboards

  • Networking with co-passengers

  • AR apps to engage with travelers

  • Idea management in airports

  • Inflight service using hololens for best customer experience

  • Clothing rental service

  • Innovative and hassle free payment methods


Solution to enhance engagement 1 - Interactive Chatbot

Key Features

  • Intelligent chatbot with emotion capture

  • reflective design with virtual bot reflecting emotions on screen

  • Connection to service agent if service cant be handled by chatbot

Solution to enhance retention - AR based Game to earn free meals in plane

High Fidelity Design Cab Booking 

High Fidelity Design Food Ordering 

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